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The future for ambitious
companies who want to be the next big thing.

David & Co. is a team of world-class experts in critical areas of growing your business. From business planning, strategy and crisis management to branding, marketing, public relations and operational delivery. We work with ambitious leadership teams - finding out what works to grow brands sustainably and profitably.

David & Co. helps companies take on Goliath.

David & Co. make big things happen.

About us

This isn’t our first rodeo. We have worked for some of the biggest agencies, on some of the biggest brands in the world. We have made them bigger. We have made them better. Now we want to do the same for you. And us.


We are experts in marketing, business growth, brand strategy, creative execution, campaign management, and channel optimisation.

We don’t work with everyone we meet, but if you are hungry to be the next big thing, get in touch and let’s talk.

What have we done?

We help make you bigger and better.

We launch new products.

Transform businesses.

We open bigger markets.

Unlock bigger audiences.

Disrupt categories.

David & Co. x SPR – Business Growth

Recruitment. But on a really good day.

SPR is a recruitment company that is owned by a charity. They had become overly reliant on a main contract which was coming to an end but had no growth plan to replace that income.


David & Co. have partnered with SPR to create a growth strategy which focuses on new easy-win sectors for them to move into while focussing on their amazing social impact work to partner with enterprise businesses concerned about their ESG.

David & Co. x TSC – Business Growth

Adding some hard commercial edges.

Technology Supply Chain (TSC) is a membership organisation for companies in the technology, manufacturing, and MedTech sectors.  

David & Co. have partnered with the TSC to create a growth strategy to commercialise membership tiers, turning the annual innovation awards into a profit-making venture to fund other work and a partnership to deliver MedTech accelerator work. 

David & Co. x Clays – Company Launch

Don’t just go out. Go out with a bang!

David & Co. were talking with Clays before Clays even had a product to market. So you could say we were helping them almost from the ‘B’ of the ‘Bang’.

David & Co. set about organising, defining and refining a distinctive launch, which has gone a long way towards Clays’ successful launch and expansion to other similarly well-healed retail spaces in Canary Wharf, too.

David & Co. x BEC – Brand Relaunch

Bigger Leaps. Fewer Steps.

Dan and his eco-system at the Birmingham Enterprise Community knew they had outgrown their skin when we partnered with them.

They started by helping new initiatives in the West Midlands start-up, but quickly evolved into a growth Community Interest Company (CIC) for high-growth, pre-revenue, and SME businesses around the world.

David & Co. x St James Clinics – Business Growth

Tough on Pain

To kick-start the process, David & Co. provided interim CFO support, orienting the business towards a strategic round of investment. This relieved St James Clinics of the pressures associated with financial strategy and execution.

David & Co. then rebooted the business of St James Clinics, who pioneer Intensive Pulse Pressure Therapy (i.P.P.T.) treatments for the diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of pain.

We don't work for everyone we meet.

Our services

We only work with people if we think between us, we can create the right conditions to out-think and out-gun your competition, your category, or your business problem.

Which means plain speaking and shared understanding. It means building trust and mutual respect. It means sharing in your success.


It means everyone getting their hands dirty. It means being honest, and free to question, challenge and disagree in order to achieve a shared goal. It means working as equal partners and committing to making big things happen together.

And it means sharing risk. We work for a ‘lights on’ monthly
subscription and share a percentage of the success we both achieve.

Our services

We only succeed, if we help you succeed.

We provide business growth strategies and plans and project manage the execution and measurement of them, working with your internal departments, agencies or our trusted network of experts.

Whichever works best!

Our IMPACT model works on a small ‘lights-on’ subscription, and then a share of impact. So we only succeed, if we help you succeed.

Sharing both risk and reward.

High Growth Start-Ups

Monthly subscription fee between £1,500 - £3,000 plus a share of impact or equity / options. 

Small Medium Sized Business

Monthly subcription fee of £4,000 plus a share of the impact or equity / options. 

Enterprise Growth

Monthly subscription fee depends on company size but starts at £7,000 plus a share of impact.

Project-based Consulting

Traditional agency pricing structures for one of the projects or cases where the impact model can't work.

Our past

We have worked for the biggest businesses in the world. We have made them bigger. We have made them better.

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We believe every client is a valuable long-term partner.


We believe every client is a valuable long-term partner.

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