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Be different.
Or else.

Our mission

Helping companies become the next big thing.

Rocket Ship Launch

We help make you bigger and better. We launch new products. Transform businesses. We open bigger markets. Unlock bigger audiences. Disrupt categories.

We work with the small, the new, the hungry, the under-explored and unappreciated. We work to out-think your competition. We work with scale-ups and established brands. With the ambitious, and the truly committed.

We are experts in marketing, business growth, brand strategy, creative execution, campaign management, and channel optimisation.

We don’t work with everyone we meet, but if you are hungry to be the next big thing, get in touch and let's talk.

It's a partnership.

We only work with people if we think between us, we can create the right conditions to out-think and out-gun your competition, your category, or your business problem.

Which means plain speaking and shared understanding. It means building trust and mutual respect. It means sharing in your success. It means everyone getting their hands dirty.

It means being honest, and free to question, challenge and disagree in order to achieve a shared goal. It means working as equal partners and committing to making big things happen together.

And it means sharing risk. We work for a ‘lights on’ monthly subscription and share a percentage of the success we both achieve.

Machine Cogs turning
4 puzzle bits
Machine Cogs turning

People make people

Meet the Founders.

David & Co. was founded in 2023 by maverick entrepreneurs who's passion is helping the underdogs take on Goliath. 

Together, we have a wealth of experience in every major industry. 

We're are straight-talking, plain speaking, business growth-delivering partners for ambitious companies that want to be the next big thing.

Paul has spent 25 years working for WPP group companies, helping big businesses get bigger. He is now using that skill set to help smaller companies take on Goliath.

Paul Lock

Managing Director

Josh's background is in Political Campaign Management, and he has since used his award-winning skills to help companies manage their reputations and grow.

Josh Moreton

Business Director

Meet Our Senior Team Members

Ian Hunter

Partnership Director

Nick Stragnell

Head of eCommerce, Digital and Retail 

James Hunt

Business Strategy Consultant

Amy Deakin

Group Chief of Staff

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