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David & Co. x Clays

 Don’t just go out.
Go out with a bang!

Clays Logo

For when COVID-19 isn’t going to stand in your way.

David & Co. were talking with Clays before Clays even had a product to market. So you could say we were helping them almost from the ‘B’ of the ‘Bang’.

Another way of saying that David & Co. are experts, is to acknowledge that we’ve been around the block a bit. We’ve learned a lot over the years. Sometimes from our own mistakes and sometimes from other peoples’ mistakes. We rarely learn the really good stuff when everything goes according to plan.

We learned that to have the best chance of success, you need to have your soldiers lined up, and your brand needs to be known for something relevant and be highly distinctive in its category. This isn’t rocket surgery or brain science.

But when Clays had an idea that they wanted to bring all the fun of clay pigeon shooting out of the country and into the city during a COVID-19 lockdown, we admired their kind of pluck.

So we helped them to develop a thrilling interactive clay target experience for groups of fun-loving City dwellers on mammoth 4K screens while they enjoyed great food and some of the best cocktails in the City of London. Simple, right? Wrong.

Opening a cocktail bar in some of the country’s most expensive retail space during a complete COVID-19 lockdown doesn’t come without some challenges. This is where David & Co.’s experience came in.

Lots of businesses have become plagued by clichés, category norms, comfortable territory and accepted ways of doing things. Unfortunately for brands that have fallen victim to this, similarity is the road to obscurity.

Finding happy mediums and compromise might seem like a safe choice in the boardroom, particularly when there is a lot of risk built into a situation, but it often strips businesses of its power.

What might have seemed like a safe choice in the boardroom will often be a waste of money in the real world.

So David & Co. set about organising, defining and refining a distinctive launch, which has gone a long way towards Clays’ successful launch and expansion to other similarly well-healed retail spaces in Canary Wharf, too.

The real value David & Co. brought was orientating the product offering toward something that really stacked up in the face of some pretty serious headwinds and investing heavily into radio which brought the hard numbers into the business.

David & Co. helped Clays make a fist of it and get people to go out with a bang!

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