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David & Co. x TSC

 Adding some hard commercial edges.

TSC Logo

Commercialising a non-profit membership organisation to sustainable profitability.

Technology Supply Chain (TSC) is a membership organisation for companies in the technology, manufacturing and MedTech sectors.  It provides events, business growth support, networking, and grant support to businesses from start-up to enterprise. 

They have a free membership model, which is funded by a patronage program. However, more needs to be done to help generate revenue and grow the business to help more companies survive.

David & Co. have partnered with the TSC to create a growth strategy to commercialise membership tiers, turning the annual innovation awards into a profit-making venture to fund other work and a partnership to deliver MedTech accelerator work. 

TSC provides huge benefits to companies across the UK, but the business model means it needs help to fund itself year on year. It also means its growth potential is stifled. 

David & Co. created a new premium membership tier system adding more levels between being a free member and a patron. We delivered a branding revamp and is working together on new positioning, website and long-term growth strategy to ensure the TSC can expand throughout new regions and on a stable footing for future years. 

A new membership system has been implemented, which is seeing an increase in revenue for the business, helping to provide a stable footing for future years. A strategic partnership has also been formed to bid for government accelerator contracts to assist more companies. 

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