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David & Co. x SPR

 Recruitment. But on a really good day.

SPR Logo

Turning a 25-year company into a start-up to grow again.

SPR is a leading regional recruitment company that has grown to provide services nationally and is owned by a charity. They had become overly reliant on a main contract that was coming to an end, but they had no growth plan to replace that income.


David & Co. have partnered with SPR to create a growth strategy which focuses on new easy-win sectors for them to move into while focussing on their amazing social impact work to partner with enterprise businesses concerned about their ESG.


They had an established master vendor contract, which the business was over-reliant on. They also had a culture that had lost it’s hard commercial edges, which made previous attempts at growth particularly hard to deliver.


David & Co. worked with new leadership to deliver a Business Growth Strategy, several business transformation projects and culture optimisation.

This looked at a new proposition, repositioning the business, a new website, a social media strategy, and a business development campaign.


After several turbulent business transformation tasks that were ultimately successful, SPR now has a business development pipeline that has gone from 2-3 leaders per month to over 45 with a six-figure monthly fee potential.

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