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Geotech Expands into the UK Market with Partnership with David & Co.

Updated: Apr 17

In a strategic move to bolster its international presence, Geotech, a leader in technology development services, has announced a partnership with business growth experts, David & Co., to enter the UK market. This partnership is part of Geotech's ambitious global expansion strategy that reflects their commitment to bring their expertise to new territories and diversify their global footprint.

Founded in 2002, Geotech has established itself as a powerhouse in India, the world's sixth-largest economy, specialising in business application development, blockchain technology, mobile applications, and IoT & sensory technology. Their robust service offerings and innovative solutions have made them a key player in the tech industry, providing cutting-edge technology services to clients worldwide.

The expansion into the UK follows a successful launch in Denmark, indicating a well-strategised approach to international growth. By partnering with David & Co., Geotech aims to replicate their success and tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of the UK market. David & Co. brings to the table a wealth of expertise in business growth and expansion strategies, making them an ideal partner for Geotech’s next phase of development.

As part of the expansion, David & Co. will assist Geotech in several critical areas, including business development and establishing a new visual identity and brand for the company in the UK. This rebranding effort is aimed at ensuring that Geotech’s corporate image resonates well with the UK audience, aligning with local business cultures and market expectations.

The partnership between Geotech and David & Co. is not just a business expansion, but a strategic alliance that promises to leverage the strengths of both companies to capture new opportunities in one of the world's most dynamic markets. This move is expected to not only enhance Geotech's service offerings but also to foster significant business growth through local partnerships and innovations tailored to the UK's diverse needs.


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