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David & Co. x
St James Clinics

Tough on Pain.


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For when physio or painkillers are the only option you think you have.

When you’re starting to grow, it’s easy for things like product, trading and social media to get all the attention. But in the end, everything comes back to money. And making money comes down to a focused strategy.

A well-planned and executed financial strategy can be transformative. Bottlenecks like cash flow disappear. The business of doing business gets simpler, freeing you up to grow the right way.

To get things started, David & Co. provided interim CFO support which oriented the business towards a strategic round of investment, which took the pressures of financial strategy and execution off St James Clinic's hands.

This meant that St James Clinics were free to focus on what they got into business for in the first place, knowing your financial function is about to go from just about functioning to performing.

David & Co. rebooted the business of St James Clinics, who pioneer Intensive Pulse Pressure Therapy (i.P.P.T.) treatments for the diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of pain.

This is a new category and we are helping St James Clinics to win the race to grow i.P.P.T domestically – whilst opening new export markets in Arabia, Malaysia and the USA.

David & Co. x St James Clinics – Be You Again

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